I.N.N.T.D 2018
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What's in store this year!

The third annual International Nanny Training Day will be held April 21, 2018 and is open to all Southern California nannies looking to spend a fun filled day networking with other nannies, learning from their peers, and attend workshops from professionals in the industry.  This years' event will be held at the JAPANESE AMERICAN CULTURAL & COMMUNITY CENTER in downtown Los Angeles. This event is brought you by The Los Angeles Nanny Network and The Orange County Nanny Network.


Workshop 1

Employment Law 101

Are you unsure of your rights as a nanny? Do you question exactly what it means to have guaranteed hours and just when do you qualify for overtime pay? Come prepared with your questions for our guest speaker!

(Check back shortly for Speaker announcements!)

Workshop 2 & 3

Learn about healthy eating and getting kids active!


Join Greville Henwood and learn to master your chaos and strike the perfect Tree Pose with your kids and find a second of inner peace during your stressful day. Om

2) Nutritionist-Learn the latest in nutrition for infants through teens with a nutritionist. Healthy kids start with better nutritional choices.

(Check back shortly for Speaker announcements!)

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Workshop 4

Did someone call security?

Body Guards, Security, Safety Awareness, and Self Awareness. Safety consciousness when you’re out and about and online! Protect yourself and those in your care.

(Check back shortly for Speaker announcements!)

Schedule & Pricing


The 3rd annual International Nanny Training Day offers affordable high quality training for nannies and aims to bring nannies together. 

  • Early Registration Cost: $65 *Feb . 1- 19, 2018
  • Registration Cost: $75 *Feb. 19- April 5, 2018
  • Late Min. Registration Cost: $85 *April 6- 21, 2018

Registration Includes:

  • 4 Educational Workshops
  • Lunch provided by sponsoring groups
  • Entry to our awesome raffles
  • International Nanny Training Day T-Shirt
  • A chance to network with other nannies and those in the industry.

The rates below are for one attendee. Please contact International Nanny Training Day LA/OC Team via email regarding any questions.


*If you are buying multiple tickets, please submit the form for each ticket purchase

I.N.N.T.D 2017 Organizers

I.N.N.T.D 2017 Organizers

Contact Us

The International Nanny Training Day LA/OC  team is ready to answer any questions you may have about the event and day.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Event Site and Map


244 South San Pedro Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-2725



NNTD was one of the best events I could have went to. I learned for much and met a ton of really awesome nannies that lived near me! I will be returning next year. Thank you!
— Meghan H, Nanny in Santa Monica, CA 2017
I didn’t know what to expect in a nanny event and I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend this to any nanny who is new to LA!
— K.T, Nanny of 3 in Woodland Hills, CA 2017
Sometimes nannying can be really isolating. I am so glad I decided to attend NNTD 2017. I met some really awesome nannies and learned a lot.
— Debra F, Nanny of Twins in Newport Beach, CA 2017
All the presenters were really well thought out, the event was well planned and I left feeling really positive about our profession. Thank you ladies, such a great day!
— Y.L, Nanny Pacific Palicades, CA 2107